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Preschool and School Age

Our school provides both a pre-school program and a school-age program to children between the ages of 2 and 11 years.


Our program is well organized, while being responsive to the needs of each day. Activities are balanced between quiet and active periods. Your child will have a chance to be aware of his own feelings, make choices and utilize his intellectual and creative abilities. Our curriculum is theme based and changes weekly. Your child can look forward to art, music, alphabet and number work, role-play, story time, cooking and perceptual motor activities. These activities build competence and competence builds self-esteem, an all-important factor, which enables a child to thrive.

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Meals and Naps
We believe both a balanced diet and adequate rest are essential to the learning process. We provide opportunities for both. Learning to eat the right foods is an important part of a child’s education. All children will be required to be quiet during nap time so those who want to sleep may.


We recognize that school-aged children need a fun and enriching place to spend time before and after school. We offer a variety of activities to stimulate their minds and a setting in which to relax after a day of school. We will provide homework assistance and/or teacher directed projects.

Fulltime care is available during summer vacation and as schedules require.